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Bracelet Workshop - Tools Needed

Bench Pin

Jewelers Saw (I prefer the german 5" adjustable frame)

Sawblades (I prefer 2/0 for general use)

Burlife (or other lubricant)

Planishing Hammer (I prefer the Peddinghaus 6 oz.)

Flush/Wire Cutters (I prefer these for 14 gauge and thinner, and these for larger stock)

Half-Round File - 6 inches, #2 cut preferred 

Needle Files (inexpensive sets are easily found, but you will LOVE these wonderful files)

Pliers – Round nose & Chain Nose (a set similar to this is fine)

Sandpaper in various grits (silicon carbide 220-400)

Steel Bench Block


Soldering Tweezers (I really love the slide locking diamond tweezers)

Ruler – metric (these are nice and so are these)

Bracelet Mandrel – round or oval or an anvil horn (I prefer the mandrels with a tang)  

  ** you can also get creative and use things like rolling pins, a trailer ball hitch, or even an old doorknob

Nylon Mallet (or rawhide) - I really like this one

Flux (I prefer paste flux)

Optional Tools

The following are tools that you might find useful when making bracelets:

Drill Bits 65, 56, and 54 are commonly used sizes

Sheet and Wire Gauge


Stamps - these can be found through many suppliers including Rio Grande, Thunderbird, Otto Frei, Etsy, etc. 

Stamps from Ferro Valley Tool

Bangle Dies












Bangle Dies at Micro-Tools     


*Bracelet Dies can also be found on Etsy or eBay.  Try the search terms "bracelet die", "bangle die", "bracelet press",  "bangle forming press", "bangle press", or "bangle dapping die"

Pancake Dies (for use with a hydraulic press)

Pancake Dies at PotterUSA



Shot Plates

Chris Pruitt Shot Plates



Texturing Hammers











Fretz® Sharp Texturing Hammer, 1.2 oz.

Texture Plates (For Use in a Rolling Mill)

Texture Plates from Oregon Trail Silver                                                Texture Plates from PotterUSA

Texture Plates (Brass) from Metalliferous                                               Texture Patterns (Paper) from Rolling Mill Resource

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