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Filigree Workshop - Tools Needed


We will be doing lots of silver soldering, mainly with easy and extra easy solder.  The flow temp of easy paste solder (which we will use for the filigree) is 1,325°F (718°C).  You will need a torch with the ability to get at least this hot.  An acetylene torch is the most commonly used, but there are other options.  Most small filigree pieces can also be done with a large kitchen Crème brûlée (butane) torch.  Once you start getting into bracelets and other larger pieces, a butane torch will likely not produce enough heat.  


My personal preference is paste flux.  The brand I like to use is Grifflux.

Soldering Tweezers

I really love these diamond slide locking tweezers for soldering and always have several pairs ready at my solder station. 

Pliers (round nose, flat nose, chain nose)

Flush Cutters

Rolling Mill 

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